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  • Multi-Generational Wealth Transfer

  • Business Exit and Succession

  • Income & Estate Taxes

  • Family Legacy

Wealth Advisory

  • Investment Advisory Services

  • Private Equity/Debt & Alternatives

  • Coordinating Investment & Tax Planning with Business Activities


  • Life Insurance for Estate Liquidity or Business Succession needs

  • Private Placement Life Insurance

  • Long Term Care Insurance Planning


"I love it when a plan comes together."  John 'Hannibal' Smith - The A-Team

At Xception Advisory Group all our successful client relationships are built on a solid foundation of planning.  For business owners and entrepreneurs, planning can apply to many different areas of personal and professional life, and it is often difficult to separate business and personal planning that is heavily intertwined.  Given this complexity, it is important that our planning process and recommendations are as simple and multi-purpose as possible.  

We start any new client relationship with a fee-based planning process with a clear scope of work, estimated timeline, flat fee, and specific deliverables in mind.  We follow a targeted and intentional process based on (i) extensive due diligence, (ii) thorough client discovery, and (iii) purposeful plan design.  This process results in custom strategies and a straight forward plan of action to implement.

Planning topics often include:

  • Business Planning:  Exit & Succession; Family Business Transfer; Income Tax; Executive Retention and Compensation; 401(k)

  • Trust & Estate Planning: Long-range Family Legacy; Asset & Creditor Protection; Estate Tax & Liquidity Planning; Blended Family Issues; Philanthropic Goals; Special Needs Planning; Wealth Privacy; Defining Family Wealth Values

  • Financial Planning: Family Lifestyle Planning; Retirement Cash Flow; Family Wealth Values; Career or Lifestyle Changes

After the planning phase, we typically work with you, your existing advisors, and other key strategic partners and specialists to execute the game plan.  During and after the planning implementation phase, our role as a strategic advisor often expands to include wealth advisory services and insurance solutions where appropriate.  Clients often find value in the seamless coordination and integration of planning, investment advisory services, and insurance solutions.  

Wealth Advisory

Xception Advisory Group assists most of its clients with some level of investment advisory and wealth management services in collaboration with our independent asset management strategic partners.  However, since most of our clients are business owners and entrepreneurs, our approach to portfolio investment management comes with a healthy perspective about balancing traditional savings and investment strategies with the need for liquidity and working capital to maximize opportunities in a client's private business operations.  Our clients' businesses remain their greatest potential generator of income and wealth, so our wealth advisory services focus on coordination of public and private portfolio asset managemnet along side a client's business activities.    

Xception Advisory Group provides investment and asset management services in a fee-based fiduciary investment advisor role rather than a commission based securities sales capacity.  We have broad investment servicing capabilities through our institutional strategic partners and access to a wide variety of investment research, analysis, account vehicles, investment solutions and strategies.

Insurance Solutions

A financial plan without adequate contingency strategies for risks and unfortunate circumstances is more of a hope than a plan.

A successful plan should still achieve goals even when foreseeable risks arise, so you must prepare for downsides, worst case scenarios, and contingencies before they occur.

For business owners, insurance solutions and risk management strategies can be deployed in many creative ways to cover and protect the value of your business assets, business equity, key employees, overhead expense obligations, succession and continuation risks, etc. and shift those financial risks to an insurance carrier.

At Xception Advisory Group, our team works with insurance carriers, brokers, and consultants to recommend and provide solutions including:

  • Life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance

  • Employee benefit insurance lines like medical, dental, group disability, group life, etc. 

  • Commercial insurance lines including general liability, malpractice, directors & officers insurance, etc. 

  • Personal property & casualty lines like home, auto, and umbrella insurance

  • Specialty business self-insurance programs like captive insurance companies